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not wanting a lover
just needing the
slipping over
being seen
and recognized for being
look at them
theyre living
minutes falling
each a week
gone for the years
mounting as theyre passing
seen a face
and there a smile
finding significance
in backward places
a mothers only
funny that
a desperate one
running away
from nothing
maybe everything
in the back
shiny new tires
and a glistening frame
too original to be real
ending up sore
bruised about the mouth
in feeling
fighting to the last breath
for no particular reason
just needing to
keep an honor
well preserved
engrained to tell
bent thumbs
he says im
still fond of you
speaking in the most
forlorn way
no one needs
a lover
just wanting then
to see
obstructed vision
and parted beauty
its satisfaction
in a little time
relating to a notion
thats been played over and over
flash frames
while theyre sleeping
wallowing in having nothing
just lovely
I'm writing a response to Reel Around the Fountain, by the Smiths. For the sake of.....

"I dreamt about you last night
And i fell out of bed twice
You can pin and mount me like a butterfly
But "take me to the haven of your bed"
Was something that you never said
Two lumps, please
You're the bee's knees
But so am i

Oh, meet me at the fountain
Shove me on the patio
I'll take it slowly
Oh ...

Fifteen minutes with you
Oh, i wouldn't say no
Oh, people see no worth in you
Oh, but i do.
Fifteen minutes with you
Oh, no, i wouldn't say no
Oh, people see no worth in you
I do.
Oh, i ... i do
Oh, i do
Oh, i do
Oh, i do"

Morrissey, he kills me.
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yourCase Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2005   Filmographer
i'm lonely, tell me a story about narcotic rabbits............
poorlywritten Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2005
If I could, I would make love to Gibson guitars. With my hands. If I could play them proper.
Kid A is the unofficial soundtrack for people dying. Did you know that?
yourCase Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2005   Filmographer
fuck you again.........................cod-damnit i am pissed
poorlywritten Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2005
Cod.....they make me think of a deity I can't see.
Except with a different letter at the beginning.
crackedmem0ries Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2005
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