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When leaning over the cool metal of a barrier, into dark trees and darker water, things seem dismal.
In looking down an expanse of disconnection, being stranded, everything seems hopeful.
People standing in their groups while I stood in isolation.
Cool air nipping at my naked heels, up my exposed legs. Shivering slightly in a well-fitting sweater and perfectly worn down skirt.
My face bright yet downtrodden by fatigue.
With warm ears and a cold nose.
Something I never cared to take note of before.
Sounds like being alone, over an ocean, walking out to sea or such.
And singing througn the darkness.
Wandering under street lamps and waiting for a savior that was coming through the night.
Broken vehicles and yawning companions.
But feeling like in one moment, the cold pavement could take anyone anywhere.
And that I needed to pay more attention to the things surrounding.
Everything so beautiful, a great pair of eyes in the sky.
For once wanting to feel the same.
By Stellastarr*
AmusantVerteYeux Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2005
VERY nice imagery in this one :) you did an Excellent Piece!
yourCase Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2005   Filmographer
i enjoyed this one.................ah, joy.....
poorlywritten Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2005
I enjoy the story of a young man who's primary interests are rape, ultraviolence and Beehtoven.
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July 15, 2005
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